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Our Vision Statement and Core Values speak to our firm’s focus and commitment to our staff:

Our Vision

To be the premier regional firm and the recognized leader in our service niches; as well as the employer of choice for professionals seeking a rewarding career.

Core Values

Enabling team members to maximize their individual potential.

Sensitivity to each employee’s balance of life and career commitments.

When the partners sat down to write the firm’s Vision and Core Values, they recognized the importance of providing a welcoming and nurturing work culture where team members could grow professionally and personally. They understand the need for balance between career and life.

That is the guiding principal at McGill, Power, Bell & Associates – work hard but make time for life outside the four walls of your office.

Hear what some of our current staff and former interns have to say about working at MPB:

“This firm emphasizes opportunities for advancement and specialization, supporting continuing education of the employee’s choice.”

Manager at firm

“The partners try to help their employees balance their work and personal lives, for example, flextime.”

Supervisor at the firm

“When I applied for an internship, all I really wanted and expected was to be in the CPA firm environment. I had no idea that I’d be receiving the experience that I have so far. Right from the beginning they had me working on projects.”

Former intern

“The firm is professional and yet offers a very comfortable working environment as a result of the personalities of the people who work here.”

Senior Accountant at firm

“The flexible working conditions have made it possible for me to stay in the profession.”

Manager at the firm

“The people I work with are very patient and helpful. MPB is a nice size, so you don’t get tossed aside.”

Former intern

“Many times college graduates do not really know what field of accounting they want to specialize in. I feel our firm provides opportunities to develop a well-rounded career in accounting and take on new and exciting responsibilities.”

Staff Accountant at firm

“They trust you to use your abilities. I don’t know if many firms offer an opportunity like this.”

Former intern