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A financial statement audit is the examination of a business’s financial statement and accompanying disclosures by an independent auditor.  The independent auditor provides a report attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements and their related disclosures. Unlike compilations or review engagements, an audit provides the maximum level of assurance for your business.

McGill, Power, Bell & Associates, LLP (MPB) provides the highest level of service in the auditing of your financial statements and offers insight to help you make better business decisions. Having MPB perform an audit for your business helps both you and interested outside parties to have confidence in your business’s available financial statements. In an audit, MPB delivers an expert opinion on the financial statements provided by your business. The opinion enhances your business’s reputability.

McGill, Power, Bell & Associates, LLP keeps up to date on all Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) through ongoing professional education.  MPB also takes pride in maintaining independence and professional skepticism, while taking time to understand the industry of your particular business.

If your business does not currently require an audit, you may be interested in MPB’s financial statement preparation, compilation, or review services.