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Our History

The dream of Howard Fargo, Robert M. Power, Sr., and Herold Bell was to start an accounting practice.

Each attained individual success in their own firm. Still, they may never have imagined their dreams would grow to become the regional certified public accounting firm of McGill, Power, Bell & Associates, LLP.


The earliest predecessor firm, Bell & Company, was started in 1927 by Herold Bell in Sharon, Pa. The present firm results from a series of mergers with leading firms in western Pennsylvania.


Robert M. Power Sr. began his public accounting practice in Meadville, Pa., in 1953. Looking to expand the business, the firm merged with Fargo, McGill & Company in 1980 to become Fargo, McGill, Power & Power.


Fargo, McGill, Power & Power merged with Bell & Company to become McGill, Power, Bell & Associates, LLP.


The firm established a presence in Erie, Pa., when it merged with The Pashke Group, previously known as Pashke, Twargowski, and Lee.

2014 to 2019

Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the firm now has a presence in five different cities across Pennsylvania. A merger with O’Polka & Company in 2014 added a presence in Franklin, Pa. In 2016 a Grove City, Pa., office was added. 2019 brought a merger with Mehlenbacher & Associates in Titusville, Pa., followed by the acquisition of Kreider & Company, LLC in Meadville, Pa.; Clay Campbell & Company, Inc. in Seneca, Pa.; and the Erie office of BKD, LLP.

These mergers and acquisitions doubled the firm's size, significantly increasing the depth of expertise and service we can provide to our clients.

Present Day

Dean Fair, Robert McMunigle, Shawn Emerson, Bruce Lawrence, Michael Neubauer, Kevin Oviatt, Royce Reichel, Susan Cyphert, Shannon Ongley, Joy Strain, James Slater, Chris Salandra, Matt Zinna, Mitch Kalkhof, Vinnie Halupczynski, Amanda Landon, and Jessica Phillips are continuing to build on the success of their predecessors. As partners of McGill, Power, Bell & Associates, they have created a mission and direction for the firm that will continue to keep the firm on the path of excellence and growth.

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