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Is the processing of payroll and the preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns taking you or your employees away from tasks that are more valuable to your company?  Consider moving your payroll to our in-house payroll processing department. 

Our payroll processing services are:

  • State-of-the-Art: Our cloud-based software allows you to easily view/print all current and historical payroll reports.  Storage of paper reports is no longer needed.  Additionally, your employees can access their own paystubs and W-2 forms online.
  • Local: When calling with questions or concerns, you will speak with individuals from our local offices.
  • Accurate: Our payroll team is comprised of seasoned professionals who stay current with tax law changes.
  • Confidential: Outsourcing your payroll protects the privacy of your own salary and that of your employees from others.
  • Flexible: Our sophisticated software can handle a wide variety of payroll requirements.
  • Cost Effective: There are no additional fees for direct deposit.  Also, you will never again pay a costly government penalty for non-compliance.  We take full responsibility for required payments and filings.

There are endless options available for payroll processing at MPB.  Please contact your nearest office if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you decrease the cost of your payroll responsibilities.